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Recently, faculty from schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools—School of the Holy Child (Rye, NY), Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child Jesus (Pasadena, CA), Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child Jesus (Summit, NJ), and Connelly School of the Holy Child (Potomac, MD)—traveled to Africa—spending five days in Ghana and five days in Nigeria, where they visited three of the Holy Child Schools in Africa.

While there, they were able to teach and serve the students and get a first hand glimpse into life on another continent. The teachers who went, Liz Cohen, Christine Cote, David Hemak, Kate Marlow, and Jenna Sutton, were deeply impacted by their experience and are preparing to return to Africa next summer. This time, however, they will bring students from their respective schools.

Over the next week, we will share reflections from some of those on the trip. First, let’s hear from David Hemak from Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child in Pasadena, CA:

“Going to Africa was a life-changing event. It opened my eyes to a place that was previously mysterious and unknown to me. I chose to go on this trip because it was such an amazing opportunity to visit a new part of the world and to bridge the gap between Holy Child schools on two different continents. We have so much in common, yet know very little about each other. I saw this trip as a way to learn more about their schools and to bring that information back to Mayfield Junior School. Furthermore, this will hopefully be the catalyst for a student exchange program and other means of connecting the African and American Holy Child schools.

Dave Hemak with students from the Holy Child School in Cape Coast, Ghana














A wonderful part of the trip was meeting the other Holy Child people—the nuns, the students, and the administration. It was very satisfying and heart-warming to see how similar the schools in Africa were to our schools in the U.S. Conversely, it was the differences that made the trip so much fun. There was so much music and dancing and celebrating everywhere we went. It really showed off the joy and charisma of the countries.

Visiting Africa is, I see now, the only way to really experience everything it has to offer. My hope is that the Holy Child Network of Schools can continue to become more connected.”

Comments on: "I Stretch my Hands to You: Holy Child Faculty Travels to Africa" (3)

  1. Dave, Thank you for sharing your good experience of Holy Child, Cape Coast. I, too, had the privilege of visiting there and had a heartwarming visit with the school, students, teachers, administration and the Alumnae!!Cheers.
    Also the Holy Child Candidates then in residence.
    On our Mini-Assembly in 2000 we were welcomed to Holy Child Roots in Nigeria and Ghana.
    Praise the Lord! Jeanne Marie Guerin, shcj.

  2. Joanne Sullivan, SHCJ said:

    The spirit of Hoy Child , cape coast has continued through the years. I taught at Holy Child from 1978-1980. The Holy Cild Spirit,begun with our founders “Mothers” has been carried on through the tears. How proud I am to have been part of that tradition.

  3. Anika Ash(your student) said:

    Yeah, Mr.Hemak!

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