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Continuing our series of reflections from some of those who went on the recent trip to Africa, here is what Liz Cohen from the Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child Jesus in Summit, NJ had to say about her experience on the trip: 

Liz Cohen collecting eggs at the Holy Child Farm in Abeokuta, Nigeria

“I have always been drawn to the traditional cultures of Africa. As an artist, I have attempted to incorporate cross cultural references in my work. On my first trip to Ghana I was lucky enough to travel with other artists and art teachers. We lived and studied with the great artisans of the Akan tradition. I learned the techniques of kente weaving, tie dye, batiking, adinkra stamping, bronze casting, and glass bead making from the expert artisans of Ghana.

Because I felt so at home and welcomed in Ghana on my first trip, the opportunity to go back was a dream fulfilled. I was grateful for the chance to return to a country and people that I loved. What I experienced on this second trip was even greater than I could ever have imagined.

Where the first trip was, for me, all about the arts of Ghana, the second trip was all about the people. I met so many warm, generous, and joyful people. Both the Ghanaians and Nigerians made me realize that Africa is home to us all.

In particular, the Sisters of the Holy Child inspired me to celebrate and cherish life. Their intelligence, their passion for their calling, and their joy in their work have made me want to support them in all they do. Whether they were teachers, farmers, or business women, each Sister I met was an embodiment of the humanitarian spirit that we should all aspire to.

I have come home ready to help the Holy Child Sisters in the African Province in anyway I can.

There were many intangible and very moving moments on this trip that are hard to put into words—the sights, smells, and sounds of Africa just make me feel as if I have come home!”

Comments on: "Reflections from Africa (continued)" (2)

  1. Jeanne Marie Hatch, shcj said:

    I have been so delighted to read about the last 3 teachers’ reactions to their trip to Africa. They are inspiring and gratifying and such a living example of the holy Child spirit across continents. The SHCJ Network of Schools does amazing things to deepen our international connections. The College will hope to send some teachers too on the next trip. Sisters Gloria and Margaret are fantastic ambassadors for their counttry and living models of internationality of the SHCJ Family. Blessings. Jeanne, shcj

  2. Joanne Sullivan, SHCJ said:

    when Liz wrote that she flet that being in Ghana once more was “a cpoming home”, my heart was filled with the joy that I also wperienced many years ago in Shana. The friendships that were formed have continued for many years. That is the spirit of the Ghanian people.

    Lix’s picture at Abeokuta is delightful. We are so proucdof our SHCJ agricultural project. May our SHCJ in the African Proovince know of my love, prayes and support.
    Joanne Sullivan,SHCJ

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