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It seems the 2012 presidential election has gone into full swing here in the U.S. You can’t turn on the TV or radio or hop on the internet without hearing political commentary or seeing a political ad. So this month we are focusing our meditation and reflection on how we find what is right and just–and how we experience God–in the midst of all the political rhetoric. Take a few minutes to reflect and then consider these questions: Where do I feel God is in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign? Where in my life do I see and experience the multifaceted and multicolored issues? How do I let God’s light shine on them? How am I called to bring forth love in these issues? Share your thoughts below in our comments section. We want to hear from you!

Comments on: "Monthly Meditation: August 2012" (8)

  1. Joanne Sullivan, SHCJ said:

    Thank you for this month’s meditation. More time is needed to ponder the questions than just my first reading. God seems far away from the “campaigning”. However in our own lives we are called to reflect and see beyond the rhetoric and look deep into our hearts.
    Again thank you for this reflection to begin the month of August.

  2. Mary Ann Buckley said:

    thanks – I found this helpful and hope you’ll follow up next month to help us go a little deeper in discerning the issues. Mary Ann

  3. Victoria Cassano, MD, MPH said:

    Thanks for this meditation. I would agree, God is very far from this. Even in a society where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state; each of us is moved by our relationship with our God. I beleive we were put on this earth to make a difference in people’s lives. To truly care for our neighbors as they are our brothers and sisters. I see more alienation and xenophobia in this election than in any other; denial of our resposibility for stewardship of this earth and service to each other.

  4. Mary Cunningham, HM said:

    Thank you for your creative and thought-provoking reflection in the midst of so many one-sided media ads on TV. I was especially touched by your founder’s words: “Rigidity and stiffness cannot bring forth love. Mary Cunningham, HM

  5. Elizabeth Brunkow said:

    Thank you for the meditation. We are to separate church and state but religion is being thrust upon us in the campaigns. I hope the meditations in the next three months center on issues with “two sides” represented in our prayers, as we make decisions. As Catholics we look at our own beliefs in a divided church and how those beliefs are perceived by others. The vice president and the vice president nominee representing differing sides of the same religion.

  6. Debbie Kissinger SHCJ Associate said:

    The difficulty I have is finding a reliable source that prints the TRUTH. The media is so hyperfocused and confusing. The meditation is wonderful and helps me relax and put my own mind at rest to make more sound decisions. Many thank!

  7. Mary Fitzgerald said:

    Over the past several years, I have learned to give away possessions that I thought I needed. With giving away furniture that my mother had given me as a child, has relieved me of some burden. My mother passed in 1967. She was a Sharon and Rosemont graduate. I would ask my family would she think less of me for giving away those items. They are gone and I learned a valuable lesson, not that these things were just stuff, but hanging onto to the furniture was keeping me from doing as my mom did, giving of my heart. Understanding my heart and actually listening to its beat, I know what is right and what is wrong. How fortunate can we have been and be to have had families who spent time with us and provided education that will not be erased with time. I have learned that it is the smallest of gestures that give a human being hope. So many friends that I know from Sharon who give from their hearts without questions. Balancing what is right and what is wrong in my mind for the presidential election, still conflicts. There are always those among us who have fallen, and others who don’t know which direction to go. Business has a place in our world; however I am yearning for the days of the mom and pop shops. (Actually what I truly want is the mom and pop store that sold so much penny candy and cream sodas. If life were that simple, yet I suppose it is. Money is paper yet so important and every individual in America has the constitutional right to build a business and employ people so that they can pay their bills and provide for their families, hopefully with love. So, I have been rigid, as Cornelia Conley(spl) spoke about. We need a balance and those that need our help, should be provided for. The balance of our “debt” is not only because we help families feed their children; or people who do not want to work. This is more of a call for more funding for education. Life skills, money management, kindness to others. I believe we are on the right path; however taking jabs at those who are deemed less fortunate is against my principals. Has not always been this way but God, I believe has a lesson to teach of humility. Takes some longer than others. What will happen with the election, I don’t know. What I do know and understand that it is not my obligation but my
    open heart and desire to perform the smallest of gestures every day to see someone who recognizes themselves as a spirit of God. I do have one question of anyone who reads this. I have a 2ft by 1 ft canvas bag/with wheels that I now use to grocery shop. I can put a lot of groceries in it and wheel it onto a bus if needed; or out to the car without breaking my back. I have been tossing around in my mind about finding a company who would provide the materials/or even make these bags so that they can be handed out at food banks and other social service agencies. The reason is simple, when I see moms and dads with their children getting onto the bus, navigating 5 or 6 bags of groceries, trying to hold onto their children, it really bothers me. The bag is made of canvas, nothing fancy, has two wheels and lots of room for heavier and lighter items. Why should individuals coming from foods banks have to endure coming onto the bus with large cumbersome boxes, only to get snears and the stares and gestures from riders after they have been poked by the boxes. I see the weary face of the individual carrying the boxes and holding onto their children. I know they hear passengers saying well, if they worked and did not have so many children, they would not have this problem.

    How to balance the scales to the constitutional rights to start a business, accumulate wealth; and to understand there are many wealthy individuals who do philanthropic work and provide some of the “seed” money for social programs and the arts. Then, on the other side of the scale we have those who were never taught their value for who they are. Each individual has skills that are valuable to society and the election is going to have to develop a plan for education in our country. If someone can read at the 5th grade level and that is where they are; applaud them and for working at their level. I would rather someone read at their level, and be able navigate street signs and every day instruction of life. When the individual tries to fit a round circle (brain) into a square box, what can they accomplish and the spiral begins. Through education and providing books, and arts and recess; a good start will be provided and those that don’t care will fall by the wayside and those that are taught that who they are and where their potentials are in society, they have much to contribute.

    Each time my heart is falling apart and the tears come freely, the email comes up fron Sharon. What a sign to me, energizing and giving pause to what is correct and possible to accomplish in this world.

    Mary Fitzgerald

  8. Where do I feel God is in this election process? He is with the most vulnerable, His unborn children. He is with the thousands and thousands of children who do not know the security of a mother and father. He is with those with the courage to speak His truth regardless of the consequences. As a nation and as a mother (16 children-9 girls and 7 boys; 45 grandchildren; 18 great grandchildren), we are so blessed for our multiculturism, from the blonde hair, blue eyes to the mini “afro” and perpetual tan. I believe my part in this is first to pray. Then to always be available in whatever ways God wants to use me . Then, to share my convictions in a loving, non-judgemental manner. I am a graduate of St. Leonard Academy and a Catholic school teacher. God bless SHJC

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