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Monthly Meditation: September 2012

As the the 2012 presidential campaign continues, let’s find some balance! Let’s weigh the issues! Let’s be realistic! As you watch this month’s meditation, consider: What influences your choices? How can you open your heart to hear God’s voice each day? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Monthly Meditation: August 2012

It seems the 2012 presidential election has gone into full swing here in the U.S. You can’t turn on the TV or radio or hop on the internet without hearing political commentary or seeing a political ad. So this month we are focusing our meditation and reflection on how we find what is right and just–and how we experience God–in the midst of all the political rhetoric. Take a few minutes to reflect and then consider these questions: Where do I feel God is in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign? Where in my life do I see and experience the multifaceted and multicolored issues? How do I let God’s light shine on them? How am I called to bring forth love in these issues? Share your thoughts below in our comments section. We want to hear from you!


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